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CompWareWeb offers  complete web design, maintenance, and social media services specialized toward your pet industry business.

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Custom Web Design


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Partial or full management

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Other Services



 Articles, press releases, blogs, & more

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Web Design & Maintenance

Continued management plans available.

Social Media Management

to keep you in front of your customers

Our Other Services

including blog articles, press releases, & much more

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Compwareweb would like to help you boost your presence on the web. We offer a complete web design and maintenance, and professional writing for your articles and newsletters. However, knowing web design and social media maintenance is not enough. The pet industry is unique! Our staff of web professionals is also very knowledgeable of the pet industry.

Contact Compwareweb services to discuss your web needs. We are here to help you grow your business!

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Looking for a complete management computer system?  Visit Comp-Ware Systems, Inc, providing point-of-sale and store management solutions specifically for the pet industry since 1981. Our team specializes in total computer systems for pet stores.


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