social media management

1.4 billion people regularly access

Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter every day.

60% will post about products/services on Facebook

if they receive a discount or special deal.

Social Media Management is a critical part of marketing in today’s business world.

Keeping your sites updated, posting regularly, and responding to customer comments can be a time-consuming task for business owners. Many would rather avoid the daily social media maintenance, choosing instead to put their time into other aspects of their business and family life

We have created a cost-effective management program that allows owners to free themselves from the daily social media tasks, while ensuring that their sites are updated and customers receive quick responses.

You choose the number of updates made each week. You may provide some, all, or none of the posts and we handle the rest.


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social media management

CompWareWeb solves your social media problems

Social Media Management is a continual process, one that takes many hours each week for good results. Just as you specialize in your industry, CompWareWeb specializes in website design and maintenance and social media management. We can therefore provide professional and up-to-the-date services, usually for less cost than using your own or employee time.

Consider the time it will take you to post daily to each of your chosen social media networks and then follow up with comments. Add in the time to create new content, write blog articles, and format your newsletter. All of this takes time.

Advertising is most effective when your name is in front of your potential customers frequently. But the time factor prevents many business owners from being able to effectively utilize their social media. Quite often, weeks and sometimes months pass between postings. These lapses have a large effect on your advertising potential.

CompWareWeb can help you reach your full advertising potential. We use several methods to keep your readers engaged in your social media content so that when they need a pet store item, they consider your pet store first. Let us help you reach your full advertising potential.

social media management
social media management

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